Welcome to the Court Bookings page!

We are pleased to announce that as of June 2021, we introduced our court booking system which allows you to book a court in advance of play. This saves you time from coming to the club house and finding all courts to be full due to peak program times. This system also allows contact tracing for the City of Hamilton COVID related protocols.

To respect your privacy, each member is assigned a unique number to use when booking a court instead
of using your name. To start using the court booking system, call the clubhouse at (905) 664-2026 or
ask a staff member at the clubhouse for your individual number and start booking!

To book a court, simply type in your number and the number of the person you are playing with in the
desired slot.

When booking a court, please keep in mind:

1. Court bookings are scheduled in 1-hour increments.
2. Respect your fellow members, if the time you wish to book is already taken, please book during
a different time.
3. You can book 1 hour for singles per day and up to a 2 hour block for doubles per day.
4. If you completed play during your scheduled time and no one has booked the court after you,
you may continue playing. If the court is booked, please allow other members to make way on
the court.
5. Only 1 hour bookings are permitted during prime time hours (5:00 - 9:00 p.m.).
6. A booked court is held for 15 minutes from the start of the booking court time. If the court is
empty after 15 minutes, the booking will be revoked.
7. Members are required to cancel bookings if they can no longer use them.

The system will be monitored by staff on a daily basis. Please note that repeated failure to show up
during your booked court time may result in loss of court booking system privileges.
Please keep in mind that drop-in play is still permitted, you can still come to the club without booking
and play if there is a court available. If you wish to play during a designated time, please make sure to
book in advance.

If you are not able to book on your personal device or have questions, please contact the club house
either by phone at (905) 664-2026 or email for assistance.
Click on the links below to book a court:

Court Booking Schedule – week of June 21
Court Booking Schedule – week of June 28