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1964: The Club is Born

In 1964, a group of interested tennis players formed the Saltfleet-Stoney Creek Tennis Club. The Club originated on two tennis courts located behind the Saltfleet High School (now Cardinal Newman) on Gray’s Road. The School Board, The Town and members shared expenses.

A Young Club Grows

The Club operated successfully on two courts for 13 years during which time the courts were repositioned ninety degrees for correct orientation and lights were added by the members. Family play was always a priority and the members were very active.

1974: A New Name

The executive changed the club’s name from Saltfleet-Stoney Creek Tennis Club to The Stoney Creek Tennis Club effective January 1, 1974. With a membership of 400 and only two courts, no washroom facilities, no drinking water, some conflict with school programs and a growing demand for playing time, it became evident that expansion would be necessary.

1978: Relocation and Expansion

In September of 1973, a delegation from the Club made the first presentation to the Recreation and Parks Committee of the Old Town of Stoney Creek. A proposal was made for more courts, good lighting, fencing and a suitable clubhouse. After many changes and meetings between the Municipality and the Tennis Club executives, four more courts were added.

1980: Let There be Light

Lights were added to the new facilities.

1983: More than Courts

On May 7th, 1983, the Official Opening of the Clubhouse was held.

1988: More Courts

Three additional courts were constructed and lighting was erected in 1991.

1996: Space to Spectate

In 1996, a deck was constructed by the members under the guidance of The City of Stoney Creek.

2000: Website Launch

In 2000, our club went digital with the addition of our new website.

2004: Resurfacing

In 2004, 3 of our 7 courts were resurfaced with a new rubberized deco turf aimed at reducing wear and tear to our bodies.

2006: Repaved Parking Lot

In 2006, our parking lot was repaved.

2011: SCTC Goes Digital

The Stoney Creek Tennis Club entered the modern business world with the relaunch of our website to include a new interface for phones and tablets as well as many new features, as well as the launch of our Facebook page and email newsletter available to all members and subscribers.

2019: Resurfacing

In 2019, all 7 courts were resurfaced and repainted with a blue on blue colour scheme.

The Stoney Creek Tennis Club is a non-profit organization that operates successfully under the direction of volunteers, several paid staff, and with the guidance and support of the City of Hamilton.

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