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  1. A player can challenge another player ranked up to 4 positions above his/her own. if the challenger wins, he/she will move ahead of the person challenged. A ladder game may still be played if 2 players arrange a game and the standing changes so they are now more than 4 positions apart. This exception does not apply if the difference was caused by a bump. (see rule 4)

  2. If a player being challenged does not agree to a match to be played within 2 weeks, the challenger may take a default win and move ahead of the challenged player. If one player does not show up for the game by the arranged time, the other player can take a default win and if he/she is the challenger, move ahead of the of the no-show.

  3. If there is a dispute, the club pro or manager will make the final decision.

  4. All participants must play at least 2 matches per month to keep their positions. If a player plays only 1 game, he/she will be moved down the ladder to a position below all participants who have played 2 matches. If a player has not played any games in the month, he/she will be moved to the bottom of the ladder. This process is known as a bump. Bumps take place on the 30th of the month.

  5. Both players are to bring a new can of balls to their match. The winner will take home the unopened can, and the loser will take the opened can.

  6. The winner will be the first plater to reach 9 games (7 point win-by-2 tie breaker at 8-8 is possible if both players agree in advance) A longer format will be allowed if courts are available.

  7. It is the responsibility of both players to ensure the match is recorded on the list of games played in the club office.

  8. If the top ranked player on the ladder has played 3 ladder matches in one month while holding the top position, he/she may refuse challenges for the remainder of the month without losing his/her position.

  9. Matches are to be played on the weekend (Saturdays and Sundays between 9am – 10pm) or on weekdays after 8pm.

  10. A new player enlisting in the Singles Ladder may challenge 2 players to establish his/her position. if he/she fails to win either match, they will be placed at the bottom of the ladder.

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