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Hi Everyone,  


As we get ready for our summer season, we hope that many of you are excited to get back to playing tennis and joining us for doubles league! 


We would like to try a different format this year to try and mix things up and to encourage a bit more movement within the league.  This will allow us to to play with more members within the league with something different happening each week instead of every three. 


The times will remain the same, but instead of playing 13 games or score at 90 minutes, the structure will be:


- 10 min warm up max-  This will be timed  Games will start at 6:40 pm sharp, and 8:10 pm sharp.  Staff will call out the start time. 

- Each session will have  3 - 25 minute rounds.  You will play for 25 minutes with each person in your group.  

- At the end of each round. Record your scores.  This will be done on court using a score card that you submit to the staff at the end of your session. 

- The person with the highest score moves up for the following week's session, the person with the lowest score moves down. 

- Results will be posted by the following Monday for the next session. 


Additional details 


-there is a two minute warning at the 23 minute mark of each round.  No new game can be started after the warning.  Complete the game that is in progress at the warning with NO AD scoring. 


-begin the second and third matches as soon as possible after time is called as each session is only 25 minutes long.


- you cannot move up if you use a sub.  If you need a sub for the week,  if your substitute wins the session for the evening, the person in the group with the next highest points moves up.  But you can move down if your substitute finishes fourth in the group. In the event that a group


-If the partner that you have shows up late for the first round for play (e.g. after 6:45 or 8:15) they receive a one game penalty off their score in the first match. 

-any ties will be determined by a coin toss 

The feedback was quite positive when this format was being discussed as an alternative for 2022, so we'd like to give it a try for this year and get your feedback at the end of the season!  



If a player is unable to play one night, they must inform the Club as soon as possible (preferably the week before). The supervisor will then attempt to get a suitable spare from the spare list, or from another group.

A Spare will have a 2 game deduction, in the event of a tie to see who goes down, the spare will go down.

If a group has two or more spares, the absent player with a lowest rank automatically moves down.

If a player fails to show up, or if they do not call to notify the Club by 12 noon on their league day, they will be penalized with an automatic demotion.

In the event that only three of the four players are present, after fifteen minutes have passed, the remaining three will proceed to play Australian Doubles tennis. If a player is repeatedly absent, they will be required to surrender their position to a willing player on the spare list.



The time for each group will change each week. The individual is responsible for knowing their time; be especially careful at the end of a session or after a partial rain out.

Times are as follows:

1. 6:30 – 8:00

2. 8:00 – 9:30



If the courts are not playable due to rain or other disasters, both sessions will be cancelled for the evening. The decision will be made according to court conditions at 5pm and a cancelation message will be sent to members via email. The sessions will remain at the same times for the following week.

A session is considered complete after at least half is played. Therefore if the first time slot is completed, and then the courts become unplayable (due to rain, etc.) those scores will be recorded. Any games played from the second session will be recorded as well. The times for the next week will rotate as if both sessions were completed.

**An annual fee (currently $30 - includes HST) will be collected to enable the club to provide a new can of balls per court per week.

Copies of the rules available at the clubhouse

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